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LCP Machine (LCP) and the rest of the Consolidated Machine & Tool have an experienced staff capable of manufacturing parts and assemblies for various industries, including aerospace, defense, military, space/satellite, and industrial. To learn more, please read below.

Our AS9100 certified facilities specialize in manufacturing for the aerospace industry, including wing components, fuel system components, and airframe structures.  We also have the full capabilities to prime and paint your components.
Manufacturing for the Defense industry is one of our specialties. Our engineers and machinists are capable of manufacturing simple aluminum machined components, and large sub-assemblies for submarines and airplanes.  We currently serve several Prime Contractors and have ample capacity to tackle new projects.
iStock-982457252 (1).jpg
Industrial components for manufacturing equipment, filtration systems, and bellows are common items we produce. Our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities can produce parts and assemblies made from a wide array of metals and plastics.
Medical devices and orthopedic instruments require extra attention to detail. Our talented machinists can meet the requirements of the most discerning OEM’s. 
Heavy equipment manufacturers rely on us to manufacture a range of components from large machined castings down to small, hardened dowel pins.  You will find our components in the biggest names in heavy equipment manufacturers.
Heavy Equipment
We deliver complex one-piece solutions for the oil & gas industry.  We can not only take your plans and make them a reality, we can discuss dimensional, geometrical and supply chain solutions for the most efficient course.  
Oil & Gas
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires a large number of precisely machined components with tight tolerances and precise surface roughness requirements. Our manufacturing facilities have been producing parts for semiconductor equipment for decades. 
We do not just limit our precision manufacturing to Earth.  If you have a need for something capable of sustaining the harsh environment of space, we have the experience to get you there.  With extremely high precision tolerances, space based hardware is something we can deliver when others can not.
Space / SatCom
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