New Machines

Our new Mazak Compact VCN 5-Axis and our HyperQuadrex 100 MSY have arrived.  These CNC machines will aid us in lights-out machining and in machining small, intricate, production parts.  

HyperQuadrex delivery.jpg

The HyperQuadrex has 2 spindles and 2 turrets with full milling capabilities.  Coupled with a bar feeder and a robotic parts unloader, the HyperQuadrex allows us to complete parts in a single operation without operator intervention.

The Compact VCN 5-Axis comes equipped with a 50HP 20,000RPM spindle which allows us to rapidly machine small complex parts.  The small work envelope of this machine means that it is well suited to run small high-volume parts such as cable connectors and backshells.

Falling Oil Revenue

LCP Machine is pleased to announce that we have been able to extend a cost savings of 10-20% to our Oil and Gas customers.  Our success has come through a combination of engineering coordination, supply chain management, and tightened margins.  If you are in the Oil and Gas industry and need to reduce your costs in order to keep up with the reduced oil price, then contact us today.

LCP now does Positive Material Identification

Bruker PMI XRF Gun.jpg

LCP Machine is now one if the few CNC Machine Shops in Florida to perform Positive Material Identification on all incoming material with an XRF gun.  In order to reduce the risk of issues with Mill Certifications, we utilize the latest technology to verify the chemical composition of all material that we use in our manufacturing process.  We will even perform PMI during final inspection to insure our customers that there hasn't been any issue with lot mix-ups during machiing.

The BIG lathe is here!

Our latest addition to the floor.  We have made a BIG investment in our lathe department by adding a brand new Mazak 350 II MSY lathe.  This CNC lathe can turn 60" long parts, has two spindles and has a Y axis.  We can now easily turn out high quantity, large diameter, precision CNC parts in a single operation.  This is the perfect machine to handle the demands of our customers in the Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Defense, and Medical industries.

Take a look at the time-lapsed video below that shows some of the chaos from delivery day.

AS9100C and ISO9001:2008


LCP Machine has passed its Stage 2 audit for AS9100C and ISO9001:2008.  Our audit went extremely well.  These new credentials are a demonstration of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.  Our official certifications will be in soon, and we will send copies out to all of our current customers.  If you have a job that requires CNC work, please contact us today.

LCP Machine Selects Perry Johnson Registrars!

Our machine shop has selected Perry Johnson Registrars to handle our AS9100 and ISO 9001 registration.  Our first audit has been scheduled for February, and we will have the entire process finalized by the end of March 2014.  These registrations will give our current and future customers added peace of mind knowing that their precision CNC components are being manufactured to the highest quality standards for both general machined parts and aerospace components.  

2 Brand New 5 – Axis Mills are on Their Way

LCP Machine in Central Florida has recently ordered two brand new 5 Axis Mazaks.  These Vertical Center Universal 400A-5X (VCU 400A 5X) machines enable our shop to take on complex designs while reducing the number of operations require to complete parts.  

Benefits of 5 Axis Machining

  • Reduced operations – A 5 Axis mill allows the cutter to get to 5 sides of the part which allows a single operation to complete the same amount of work that a 3 axis mill would do in 5 operations.  Less operations means lower run time, less human error, better quality, and more aggressive pricing for finished parts.
  • Less fixturing – With less operations comes less fixtures.  We can now reduce setup time by using less fixtures which reduces the price of the finished machined component.
  • Better finish – 5 – Axis mills produce an excellent surface finish by keeping the machined material at the optimal angle to the cutting tool.

Quality Inspectors Needed!!

LCP Machine is growing fast and we are looking for experienced inspectors!!  Please use the contact us page to send in a copy of your resume.  The optimal candidate will have several years of experience working as an inspector in a shop that makes precision CNC components.  Working knowledge of how to program and operate an automated CMM is a must.  We look forward to hearing from you.


On our way to AS9100

LCP Machine’s Quality system has been following the AS9100 standard for a while and we are getting ready to make the next big step.  We are currently working with various registrars to get through the certification process.  This is a huge step in our company, and we look forward to working with some of the biggest manufacturers who require their suppliers to be AS9100 certified.