2 Brand New 5 – Axis Mills are on Their Way

LCP Machine in Central Florida has recently ordered two brand new 5 Axis Mazaks.  These Vertical Center Universal 400A-5X (VCU 400A 5X) machines enable our shop to take on complex designs while reducing the number of operations require to complete parts.  

Benefits of 5 Axis Machining

  • Reduced operations – A 5 Axis mill allows the cutter to get to 5 sides of the part which allows a single operation to complete the same amount of work that a 3 axis mill would do in 5 operations.  Less operations means lower run time, less human error, better quality, and more aggressive pricing for finished parts.
  • Less fixturing – With less operations comes less fixtures.  We can now reduce setup time by using less fixtures which reduces the price of the finished machined component.
  • Better finish – 5 – Axis mills produce an excellent surface finish by keeping the machined material at the optimal angle to the cutting tool.