New Machines

Our new Mazak Compact VCN 5-Axis and our HyperQuadrex 100 MSY have arrived.  These CNC machines will aid us in lights-out machining and in machining small, intricate, production parts.  

HyperQuadrex delivery.jpg

The HyperQuadrex has 2 spindles and 2 turrets with full milling capabilities.  Coupled with a bar feeder and a robotic parts unloader, the HyperQuadrex allows us to complete parts in a single operation without operator intervention.

The Compact VCN 5-Axis comes equipped with a 50HP 20,000RPM spindle which allows us to rapidly machine small complex parts.  The small work envelope of this machine means that it is well suited to run small high-volume parts such as cable connectors and backshells.